About Us

We are not just another landscape company. We are a landscape company with a very different set of skills, talent and wisdom above all and importantly an environmental ethos you will love.

We could use our home page to tell you about our quality, Service Delivery & Quality Standards, the ins and outs, some fancy pictures etc, however we have a very different message to share with you.

Our customers love what we do and how we go about it, we facilitate them to become market disruptors in their own field, and like us become better than their competitors. Above all we are offering them a beautifully crafted garden, new habitats  or eco educational play  an Open Spaces provision that harmonises nature and human need in a very practical and balanced way.

We are described as a ‘market disruptor’, meaning a company or individual that’s doing really well in shaking up and overtaking a traditional market, bringing something very fresh within the landscape industry to private homes, schools and commercial construction partners.

We look forward to working with you on whatever level you wish and hope you will join us in positively affecting our shared environment, contributing toward its progressive change and let’s face it… our environment is changing.. perhaps just in a way you’ve not yet seen or thought possible.

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