Quality & Standards

We believe that you should be assured of some basics before we even talk so here is what to expect.

Punctual – We will always turn up when we say we will

Advisory – We will carry out a consultation with you firstly over the phone to understand and chat about your requirements

Adding value – We will always endeavour to add some form of added value to the table either at conceptual design stage or through delivery, signposting these opportunities along the way

Craftsmanship – We consistently deliver a high and qualified standard as normal and deliver to industry recognised speciation in an effort to establish all products and services offered by us as a leader in our field and to lengthen project and material longevity

Educative- Whenever the opportunity arises, leading our clients and end users to a platform of education or learning through doing, providing Signage, information points or education packs.

Qualified – We believe in supplying the right people at the right time, qualified either by professional certification and/or vast and long term experience and our approval

Excellence- Strive for market and operational excellence in everything we do, from first contact, material sourcing through to turning the last screw so it faces the right way….

Health & Safety – Our unprecedented Zero Incident safety track record requires continual monitoring and adaption. We will always operate in accordance with the Health & Safety at Work Act and work with our construction phase health and safety plan. The safety of us, our clients, our sites and impact on the environment are critical details that are paramount to our ethos.

Respect – To respect all living and non-living things and places.

Communication – We believe great communication is the key to success. We operate a normal 9-5 Monday to Friday, 12pm Saturdays excluding public bank holidays without prior arrangement. If we miss a call or email we will endeavour to respond within an hour of receipt or by the following working day.

Responsible- To be held accountable for any problems or remediation required either from our craftsmanship or products suppled. Taking direct action as soon as it comes to our attention and establishing remedial action within 30 days or as soon as practical. 

Integrity – To be called upon and accountable if any of the above hasn’t been adhered to by us and our representatives.

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