Our Warrantee

We are very careful in offering the RIGHT PRODUCT and the RIGHT SPECIFCATION so that you are assured of the quality and longevity of our work and the products we supply.

That within two years of the completion and invoice that should you become aware of a problem with a supplied product or defect resulting from…

  1. Product selection or product fault
  2. A defect caused by incorrect specification or craftsmanship

Or anything that raises a concern to you that you let us know as soon as possible either by email or by a phone call. Upon receipt we will pay a visit to review and provide a response repair or replacement. Providing that you have not abused, used it for its non-intended purpose, neglected, acts of god, criminal or vandalism or failed to keep to a basic maintenance care plan we provide upon completion.

Transfer of relevant material and product warrantees or guarantees will be transferred upon hand over.

At the first instance of any problem, please get in touch!

We also recommend viewing our Terms & Conditions of Trade and our Quality Standards