Garden Offices & Home Working

So Covid-19 has brought some businesses to its knees and created a wealth of problems for employers and employees a like. Without a doubt working from home is a fantastic way to work, but we all need that little personal or private space away from the rest of the world to make those calls, prepare emails, design and dare we say have a little sanity during the day.

As a responsible employers, we also have to recognise that working from the dining table isn’t going to be a longer term solution, family impacts, professionalism and most importantly health and safety has to also be a priority. We have all ready seen some news articles where employees are claiming work place injuries, back and neck pain, slip, trips and a whole load of other home working related issues.

Covid-19 looks like it will affect us for some time to come and the affects upon business/industry will modify how and where its employees will work. As the UK returns to work, public transport and the road networks are going to also give employers and employees additional logistic problems just to get into a office that has proven not to be needed any more.


Taken from our years of construction industry working, custom building of play equipment, sheds, bespoke garden buildings and our hand crafting, bespoke made creative flare we can build you your own working space, garden office, workshop or relaxing place.

home garden offices
Our first bespoke garden office was our own… we only wished we fitted a green roof!

Garden rooms and offices have moved on ever so much now and with a lot more creative thinking, inspired by our stay in a award winning small spaces ‘shed’ and Covid 19 pressing us to provide a helpful hand to our clients that like to think out the box, we thought that its a good time to give you a little inspiration in these small but very useful spaces!


Absolutely amazing place and highly recommended for a stay! click here for more info!

Built from a assortment of old boats, stoves, windows, telegraph poles and whole lot of passion and drive to be creative! Learn more here.

Cuprinol Shed Of The YEAR

Absolutely a magical page if you want inspiration! Cuprinol is our go to for any colour work we add to gardens and their Shed of the Year is genius… more genius is the folk that think them up and build them!

Up Cycled Garden Rooms

Want to head down the vintage and reclaimed? Be inspired! We have some eclectic contacts and can find the most peculiar things.

Green Roof Systems

Being a recognised wildflower turf installer we can help with green roofs too! perfect bend so in losing part of your garden for a garden office gains you a very green credential new bit of garden. Want to know more from our supplier! Click here…

Our Scope…

So our offering… if you are considering a garden office space, something to hide away and relax in and something a little different that represents you and your personality we want to hear from you. We just might be able to help!

All our garden rooms are hand crafted and bespoke, power, water, lighting and internet can be fitted too! We can even fit a log stove for those cosy moments on the wet and windy days!

If you’d like to find out more, enquire or go down a path of discovery to what is possible then go to our contact page here…