Capital Deposit Information

Where deposits required

The Natural Landscape Company is a privately owned and personally invested business, which delivers multiple works to many customers and takes its financial risks seriously. We are absolutely committed to keeping The Natural Landscape Company financial exposure to a minimum and minimise any failure to pay in a effort to prevent passing on other client’s debt to either ourselves or to my other customers through inflated overheads. Sadly within our industry, theft a kin to shop lifting is wide spread and common place. 

We ask ALL of our customers to commit themselves to the capital aspects of the quotation as a deposit and to paying the balance with 7 days of completion.

We note that this isn’t for all everyone, in which case we are happy to not deliver the project upon our own discretion. I have found that this policy has protected us and our customers from non-paying customers… good for us, good for you!

Your capital deposit fixes the Contact and gives you an estimated delivery date to which, subject to weather and delivery of materials, we will keep. Some suppliers charge a return or restocking charge, so should items or services have been completed, ordered or delivered, and you change your mind, you will be responsible for these charges. A 7 day cancelation period prior to commencement is required. 

We reserve the right to produce a statement on your account for any items which has incurred costs and deduct these accordingly and reimburse the remaining balance less a £50.00 admin charge to cover administration time. If we have offered ‘Free Design’ with view to complete works in full, a design charge as set in your quote will also be deducted from the reimbursement.

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