Etties Field

Etties Field is without a doubt a fantastic place to stay. The site is a true reflection of its owners and their environmentally sound attitude towards their business, land use and quality visitor experience wishes.

How we are helping

We are visiting monthly to mentor the owners in the improvement of wildflower areas, pitch boundaries, underpinning planting for continual/consecutive flowering, trees and shrub species and practical installation know how and help where required. We are putting them in-touch with our suppliers and supporting specialists so work can begin in ernest for late 2020 during the winter shut down to reconstruct and improve the wildflower spectrum.

Our work will continue with them until we have a really good establishment and tapered off as their own knowledge and experience grows. Our goal here is creation and independence.

We expect by Spring 2021, they and their guests will be seeing a huge improvement that will set them well out from their competitors and ensure they lead the way in holiday destination quality setting.

Well worth booking a visit if you can get in here!