Environmental Policy

The Objective of this policy and through any activities we undertake as a ‘business’ or as individuals in the course of our work is critical both to maintain our business, credibility and trustworthiness.

The key principles of our policy are…

Do no harm

Seek and implement alternative products or methodology, reducing, mitigating or ‘off setting’ of any contra environmental affects

To educate our employees, subcontractors, clients and lookers, through proper consultation, day to day practices, service delivery and end of project or on going beneficial environmental impacts and environmental enhancement gains.

Product selection, products will be researched upon consultation or design, and considered for ethical or environmental impacts from their creation to their end of life/disposal properties. Where possible the lowest affecting materials will be costed, supplied and fitted.

Service delivery, actions and physical behaviours in our day to day operation take into account our effect upon the environment, such as travel and transport, paper use reduction etc. We also include for our local project work places, including but not exhaustive, in protecting nature and the public from the effects of noise, dust, unnecessary ground/earth disturbance etc. 

Each project will have a clear Ethical & Environmental assessment made stating what considerations have been made and how, how the project will be delivered physically and a colour coding of ethical and environmental efficiency. 

Engaging with our client base and dispersal of relevant information, making three levels of Green Award available for outward promotion of our clients green credential attachments and efforts.