COVID 19 Home Garden Design Tool Kit

So with lock down set for another 3 weeks, Yrrrrrch…

An over whelming volume of clients have been asking us for help and advice when it comes to garden design and getting their own projects under way, especially in light of the fact we will be using our gardens much more this year. Everyone’s safety is paramount to us here at the NLC, so we offer a ‘no contact’ consultation, a simple form for you to fill in and sketch your ideas for your outside space on, then send it back and let us do the rest! you can call or message us at any point and we’ll help you through the process.

Take a look for your self at the link below!

Our first post…

Well its been a interesting few weeks with Corona Virus and all… It has given us the chance to refresh some back offices processes and how our clients understand our philosophy about being ‘green’ and ‘eco-friendly’.

We have updated and improved our pricing information in two ways, both on the formal numbers based quote, where all the description lines now contain important product section notes as you expect, just now clearer and more fitting with our OCD. However, within our new Project Pack, we have built (as shown below) a environmental impact review and any positive or negative cost savings through making environmentally sensible choices.

The top table shows the bio diversity of the garden, both as it stands and what will be gained by our design. Think of this ‘will I have more or less wild life in my garden and will it be supported?’. Just a side note… we won’t/don’t design or cost detrimental landscapes where it can’t be off set or so destructive to wildlife etc.

The second table shows green credentials thorough our delivery and product selection, again showing the comparison over some practical thought about how we deliver and what products we choose and why.

Lastly, we feel it important to show our clients if it will cost them any more than delivering by conventional means… i.e. a generic garden design, product selection and delivery via the normal channels.

We feel it is important to look after our clients, our environment and our processes so every one wins.